How to Opt Best Chewing Gum Removal Machines?


Chewing gum removal is a deceptively simple process. By its looks, it might appear to be an easy and effortless process. But, ask cleaning workers who have been engaged in it. Most of them are likely to rate this as one of the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Part of the difficulty stems from using the wrong machines. In theory, almost any cleaning machine can be used for chewing gum removal. In practice, it is not the case. Steam cleaning machines equipped with gum removing tools are the best machines for this particular job in many indoor environments. Choosing any other machine would be a compromise.

Even in choosing a steam cleaner machine, one must exercise proper care. Picking any steam cleaner will not provide desired results. The following are some tips to choose and use the right machines for chewing gum removal.

High Temperature Output
The output temperature is the main source of cleaning power for any steam cleaning machine. Naturally, higher temperature levels often yield better results. Some of the latest models offer output temperatures as high as 386°F. Such machines are the ideal choice for carrying out chewing gum removal.

Dry Vapor
Another advantage of high output temperature is that the output is dry vapor. That means the liquid water content of the output will be very low—often lower than 5%. The output not only will have better cleaning power but will allow for quick drying of the surface too.

Automatic Refilling
Modern steam cleaning machines have come a long way from the basic models that were used some decades ago. One of the most important recent technological innovations is automatic refilling. A number of cleaning workers have vouched for the efficiency of the new technology.

What it offers is a simple enhancement to the existing mechanism. Previously, refilling the tank of steam cleaning equipment was cumbersome. Workers had to stop the cleaning work in order to refill the tank. It slowed down the cleaning process.

Some of the modern portable steam cleaners are equipped with automatic refilling technology. These machines have an additional tank. In such chewing gum removal machines, water is first filled into the tank and then transferred to the boiler tank.

Water is automatically transferred to the boiler tank when the water level in the boiler falls below a certain limit. With a direct-connect machine, cleaning workers only need to connect the additional tank of the steam cleaning equipment with a hose to a source of water, for example, a faucet.

Antibacterial Technology
Another useful technology for portable steam cleaners used for removing chewing gum removal is antibacterial technology. This is a useful technology for sanitization purposes. Very often, chewing pieces contain harmful microorganisms. Sometimes, these microorganisms remain on the surface even when the gum residues are removed.

It is important for gum removal machines to have anti-bacterial technology. The vapor steam cleaners equipped with the technology can remove the chewing gum pieces as well as eliminate the harmful microorganisms present on the surface. The cleaned surfaces not only look good but are hygienic too.

Lastly, but importantly, it is better to use vapor steam cleaners equipped with vacuums and gum removing tools such as oversized brush and squeegee units for speedy chewing gum removal. When using ordinary machines, cleaning workers have to remove the dirt residue by some other means.

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