How to Overcome Common Challenges of Mobile Car Wash

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Most major auto detailing companies now offer mobile car wash. Cleaning workers take their equipment to the customer’s places and clean the vehicles then and there. This facility is of great convenience to the customers as it saves their time and energy. It is great for auto detailing companies as it provides chances of increasing their revenue.

Yet, it is not so great for cleaning workers who undertake mobile car wash tasks. They face a number of challenges – sometimes expected and sometimes unexpected – while carrying out the cleaning process in unfamiliar territories. Sometimes they have to clean the vehicles in office parking lot. Sometimes they have to clean a vehicle right on the road in front of the customer’s house.

Here are some common challenges faced by cleaning workers during mobile car wash processes and some tips to overcome the problems.

Water Runoff
This is the most common of problems faced by workers during mobile car wash. Some places have poor drainage facilities. Sometimes, there may not be even a provision for mechanism at all. The problem is that there may not be sufficient drainage for the water runoff. If people complain, the cleaning workers might get fined by the law.

Cleaning workers in most cases cannot afford to tell this to the customer. They stand the chance to lose an important order. They need to find a solution that allows them to clean the vehicle and at the same time does not cause excessive water runoff.

The trick to carry out auto detailing in places with limited drainage facilities is to use cleaning machines that are equipped with low-flow technologies. The commonly used cleaning machines are car pressure washers, steam cleaners, and portable carpet cleaner machines. Among these machines, steam cleaners use superheated vapor with a low liquid water content as output. These machines do not cause much water runoff. But, steam cleaners are not suitable for cleaning car exteriors.

Cleaning workers often use portable carpet cleaner models for mobile auto detailing. These machines are used to clean carpets and seat upholstery inside the vehicles. It is better to choose upholstery cleaners equipped with low-flow features. Such machines limit the quantity of water passed to the surface without reducing the efficiency of the machines, reducing drying time. Sophisticated upholstery cleaners will have separate upholstery-cleaning wand too.

Mobility of the machine is another challenge for mobile car wash. Among the cleaning machines used, steam cleaners and carpet cleaners are relatively small machines and are portable. The mobility becomes an issue for car pressure washers.

Two kinds of pressure washers are normally preferred for portable car detailing. The first category belongs to wheel-attached machines, and the second category belongs to truck-mountable machines. Each type of machines has its own advantages.

An innovative kind of pressure washer has been introduced recently, particularly suitable for portable car wash machines. These machines have removable wheels. When the wheels are removed, these can be mounted on a truck or trailer. In other words, these machines can be used as wheel-attached machines and also as truck-mountable models.

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