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How to recuperate industrial waste heat beyond time and space

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Any fossil fuel energy, after industrial utilisation such as combustion and electric generation, is finally emitted in the form of waste heat to the atmosphere. A database on waste heat revealed that a large amount of energy can be saved by reusing the high-temperature industrial waste heat efficiently. Thus, this paper introduces cutting-edge technologies for heat recovery by three promising methods, using latent heat, reaction heat, and a Thermoelectric Device (TED). Here, the advantages of a trans-heat container using a Phase Change Material (PCM), co-production using an endothermic reaction, and a TED using oxides are theoretically explained from the viewpoint of exergy loss minimisation, respectively.

Keywords: exergy loss, industrial waste heat, PCM, phase change materials, latent heat storage, trans-heat containers, TED, thermoelectric devices, heat recovery, reaction heat, endothermic reactions, oxides

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