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How To Recycle Scrap AC Radiator


Every scrapper’s dream is to find a “jackpot” of metal that is ripe for the picking. If you have any type of experience under your belt, you’ll know that “jackpots” are not happened upon often...unless, you happen to find an AC radiator.

These are the non-ferrous tube systems that are used to compress air and radiator off heat. The bigger the AC unit, the larger its radiator are and the more valuable it is.
Scrap radiators come in a few different flavors: aluminum, copper-aluminum, and copper-brass. When it comes to scrap air conditioner radiators, however, they are almost exclusively copper-aluminum. That is to say, they have aluminum fins with copper tubes.

To get the best prices for your scrap radiators, you will want to clean them up! This doesn’t mean you should pull out the soap and water. This means you need to remove all steel contamination from the aluminum/copper. This means cutting off the steel with sawzall or circular saw. After cutting off the steel , be weary of the hydraulic oil that will drain out the scrap AC units and scrap radiators/condenser coils.

In fact, if you have the way to get large amounts of radiators, you can get more profits by using AC Radiator Recycling Machine. It can realize the perfect separation of copper tube and aluminum fins without any damage and copper loss. This machine is a real money maker. Find it on our website quickly!

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