How to Recycle Waste Pallets?


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In one or the other form, almost everyone has pallets. These are highly important in logistics and warehousing industry. Pallets make transportation and storage of good safe. But the problem comes when these pallets break or are out of use. All of sudden the effective material turns into a problem.

What if you can turn this waste into a saleable product and can earn profits? Yes it is possible. You just have to recycle pallets to convert these into useful material. You can also combine it with other wood waste to convert in an effective end-product. Briquettes plant is one of the widely used choices for pallet recycling.

What are the choices for pallet recycling?

This one product can be converted into multiple products like:

  • Briquettes
  • Pellets
  • Bio Fuel
  • Animal Bedding
  • Biodiesel
  • Playground Cover
  • Furniture
  • Home Decor Items

How to recycle pallets?

This is a two-phase process, which helps you get high-quality products. Before starting with the conversion process, you should first ask yourself a few questions like:

  1. What is the final product you need?
  2. What should be its size?
  3. What will be the method of feeding and collecting?

Phase 1:

It includes breaking of the waste pallets to put these into the machines. You can also put whole pallets and pallet scrap into the wood powder making machine to make it ideal for the production of desired material. If you want to process the waste pallets into briquettes press machine, you should crush the raw material in small particle sizes.

For other materials, size of crushed material may vary. It has to be changed as per the production goal. Too small size is not advisable, because it will unnecessarily increase production time.

Phase 2:

It is the final conversion of waste product into desired product. For this phase, you need a processing machine, usually briquetting machines work for all the purposes. In this phase, you just have to put the crushed pallets into the machine, which puts extreme pressure on the raw material to bind it into briquettes.

The next step is to dry the briquettes to make them ready for burning. You can easily sell the briquettes to industries looking for cost effective fuel source for boilers. So, now waste pallets won’t be a problem anymore. You just have to collect these, and put in the briquetting machine to recycle.

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