How to Select a Dewatering Pump Supplier

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Dewatering is a requirement of many mining/quarrying or construction projects. Simply put, it is the job of eliminating or controlling the effects of water on the job site. This can mean pumping out standing water or bypassing a river, but it usually means controlling the water contained in nearby soil. Any project that requires digging into the earth (to lay foundations or sink a mine shaft) probably requires dewatering, which also means that a variety of pumps, pipes, and fittings will be needed.
Mine dewatering is one of the more demanding types of dewatering work for the simple reason that mining tends to go deeper than a typical construction job. Dewatering is a crucial component of mining work, because the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. Even less disastrous mishaps can accrue significant costs in terms of delays. For this reason, it is very important that the right company be chosen to handle the dewatering process.
Why choose one dewatering pump company over another? The most important criterion that occurs to anyone is probably price. The direct cost of renting pumps and hiring personnel to operate them are certainly factors to consider, but as previously mentioned, what good is a lower rental cost if delays end up costing more money in the long run due to idle equipment and workers? This risk must be carefully considered before a choice is made.
This means other factors should be given due consideration. Does the company have the specific equipment that has been determined necessary? Dewatering is a specialized task and has a dizzying array of specialized pumps available for various needs. Make sure they have what is needed; “close enough” is not good enough if safety or reliability is compromised. And bear in mind that pumps have to run on something. Fuel or electricity costs and supply issues should also be considered. And do not forget the hardware that pumps need to function properly, namely the pipes and fittings – does the company have the right equipment to put everything together correctly?
Beyond having the right equipment, a robust support system is also a key concern to consider. Mining operations are frequently located in remote locations. If something goes wrong, even something small, can you get repairs quickly enough? Is there enough reserve equipment to replace something that malfunctions to badly to be fixed? Is the associated gear readily available?
Mining needs dewatering, and so mining projects need dewatering expertise. Not only must the project be supplied with water, whatever water threatens the integrity of the site must be thoroughly dealt with. The dewatering equipment on site must be dependable, but even more so, the pump company itself must also be dependable. Look beyond the cheapest price.

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