How to Select Best Hospital Floor Cleaning Machines?


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The job of hospital floor cleaners involves much more than that of normal floor steamers. Normal floor cleaning involves removing or extracting dirt, stains, and other impurities. Hospital cleaning has an additional responsibility of sanitizing the surface.

The best hospital floor cleaners should be able to sanitize the floor in addition to cleaning it. There are two types of popular machines, namely steam power washers and steam cleaners, for cleaning hard surfaces.

Pressure washers
Pressure washing machines clean with their high pressure output. These machines pump high flow output and are totally inappropriate for cleaning indoors. However, they can be used for washing down wheel chairs, loading dock areas, and other hard surfaces to which a higher pressure, high flow machine of this type can be applied.

For normal concrete or other appropriate hard surface cleaning, any machine with an output pressure of around 3000 psi would be sufficient.

For ensuring sanitization, you require a machine with high output temperature. Some of the models of steam power washers generate steam temperatures of up to 330ºF.

Steam cleaners
Steamers offer high output temperature. So, it satisfies the first condition for selection as the best hospital floor cleaners with temperature ranges up to 386ºF, depending upon the model. The high temperature output melts or dissolves dirt and other impurities present on hospital floors.

It must be noted that not all steamers are ideal floor cleaning machines for hospitals. The following are some tips to choose the right machine for use as hard surface cleaners in nursing homes and hospitals.

Anti-bacterial technology
Most of the disease-causing microorganisms and toxic waste perish when exposed to high temperature output. Although sophisticated tile floor cleaner machines offer a high output temperature, some microorganisms resist immunity even against this high temperature.

A hard floor cleaner with a specialized technology that can eliminate even these microorganisms is required. The hard surface cleaners equipped with the anti-bacterial technology fit the bill for this purpose.

Attached vacuum
Another facility that is mandatory for tile floor steamer machines for hospital cleaning is attached vacuum. Ordinary machines can only displace or dissolve the dirt. The extraction process needs to be done separately.

However, hard floor cleaner machines equipped with a vacuum extract the dissolved dirt immediately after cleaning. This improves both the speed and efficiency of hospital floor cleaners.

When buying portable hard surface cleaners for hospital cleaning, it is advisable to purchase machines equipped with water and air filters. Machines having HEPA filters provide the best results. Floor cleaning machines equipped with such filters can extract even minute dust particles. Portable hard surface cleaners with HEPA filters are best suited for cleaning hospitals.

Choose the machine, keeping in mind the exact cleaning requirements. Different machines are required for different places and the area of cleaning. Machines for cleaning hospitals should have all the above mentioned features. Do a thorough research and buy your equipment from the most reputed brand on the market.

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