How to Select Steam Cleaners with Right Accessories?

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Steam cleaners require many accessories, including different types of detailing brushes. However, not every steamer carries the right accessories. Here are a few tips to selecting steam cleaners with the most appropriate accessories.

Large assortment
The more varied the accessories, the more versatile the steam cleaners are. Steam cleaners are needed for a variety of cleaning applications, including removal of grease, dust, mold, stains, minerals, food residue, soap scum, and so on.

In addition to removing different types of dirt, portable steam cleaners are used for cleaning surfaces as varied as glass, tile, sealed hardwood, stone, marble, granite, vinyl, and metal. Each of these surfaces requires a different type of detailing brush. Therefore, you need to ensure that the steam vacuum cleaner you purchase is fitted with a range of detailing tools.

Other detailing tools include steam plunger for unclogging bathroom drains, steel wool pads to remove tough grease spots, carpet inserts, steam hose, and extension rods.

Brushes should be available in different shapes and sizes. For example, you would need a large rectangular brush for cleaning floors and a smaller triangular brush for cleaning corners.

Microfiber towels are best for light scrubbing and soaking up excess moisture.

Many dealers offer expensive vapor steam cleaners with a very few accessories. Brushes may need frequent replacement, depending on their quality and level of use. Therefore, you need to buy vapor steam cleaners with inexpensive accessories. You have to ensure that the dealer sells cheap replacements for these brushes.

If the brushes are expensive and you need to replace them often, then your operating budget could go haywire keeping up with the replacement costs. Therefore, make sure you can get these brushes replaced at affordable rates, when needed.

Check if there are discounts and freebies for buyers. Many dealers offer free accessories, such as microfiber towels, when you purchase floor steam cleaning equipment from them.

High quality
The better the quality of the detail tools, the longer they will last. When you are undertaking commercial cleaning operations, you cannot use low-quality steam vacuum cleaner machines. If the accessories are of poor quality, you would have to replace them often, adding to the cost burden.

Moreover, poor quality accessories would not be able to offer the same level of cleaning that good-quality, durable brushes and detailing tools do. For example, many tile floor steam cleaners are sold only with brass brushes rather than stainless steel brushes. While brass brushes are important for cleaning softer surfaces, you need harder stainless steel brushes for removing stubborn dirt and grease buildup.

When you are purchasing floor steam cleaners, tile steam cleaners, or any type of steamer, you have to pay attention to the type of accessories available with the machine. You do not want to pay a lot of money to purchase accessories' replacements, and you do not want brushes that are unsuitable and fragile.

What you require are portable steam cleaning equipment that have all the right accessories, well within your budget. The machine should be powerful, efficient, and have high temperature and pressure levels. This ensures maximum cleanliness.


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