How to Select the Best Rug Cleaner?


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Rug cleaners should be selected on the basis of power, efficiency, and ease of use. In commercial areas where rugs and carpets are soiled easily and heavily, you need industrial rug cleaners that are more powerful than ordinary machines used in homes.

High Temperatures
Heated rug cleaners have temperatures ranging up to 210°F. These high temperatures are important for cleaning, as heat loosens tough stains and dissolves many types of dirt. Hot water quickly softens and eases the removal of the toughest carpet stains, pet stains, crayon and ink marks, mud, and even food stains.

Many Designs
Top rated commercial rug cleaners are ergonomically designed to maximize productivity and reduce health problems for operators, through their use of eco-friendly cleaning technologies. A floor rug should be cleaned with a long handled and wide-nozzled wand, measuring at least 12 inches. Look for wands designed to create a strong seal with the carpet for the greatest extraction. Rug cleaners used for cleaning upholstery and car interiors are usually 4 inches wide.

One of the most innovative products on the market today is the walk-behind rug cleaner. These carpet cleaners have a wide cleaning path of 20 inches, which considerably speeds up the cleaning process. These powerful machines have pressure levels as high as 220 psi. Walk behind carpet cleaning machines are generally used in crowded commercial areas where carpets get dirty within hours due to overuse.

Constant Functioning
Contractors cannot afford frequent breaks from work when using carpet cleaners. It is alright to use low end machines for cleaning a carpet at home, where the machine does not have large amounts of carpeted floors requiring its attention. In a commercial setting, such inefficient machines spell disaster. They cannot handle high volume cleaning tasks, and therefore it is better to use upholstery cleaners that function without a break, nonstop.

These machines are fitted with mechanisms that aid long-drawn-out operations, such as large solution and recovery tanks (15-17 gallons), automatic refilling and waste water disposal, and fast heating of water. These mechanisms raise productivity and allow contractors to clean carpets in the entire building within the workday or over the weekend.

Perhaps the most effective way to increase productivity is to speed up drying times. As such, carpet cleaning machines should also be low flow. These machines use much less water than conventional carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners. Lowered water consumption translates into greater water efficiency, lower operational costs, and higher productivity. Less water use is also pleasing to clients, who do not appreciate water spillage in their premises. In addition, drying times are drastically reduced to as low as 2 hours, to allow business to continue as usual in a short period of time. The wand included with high quality rug cleaning equipment is designed for easy scrubbing and cleaning of carpets and rugs. It should offer a good seal with the rug and should be made of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Quality rug cleaners are some of the most useful machines in the arsenal of cleaning contractors and janitors. Select them with care.


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