How to Set Up an Outdoor Sound Monitoring Kit


Courtesy of Raeco Rents

What do demolition sites, construction, industrial and mechanical equipment, outdoor events, transportation facilities, traffic, and air crafts have in common?

They all cause noise pollution.

Environmental noise can cause adverse effects to those around it which is why it is critical monitor.

At RAECO Rents we make outdoor sound monitoring easy!

We’ve assembled two kits that include all the parts you need: a sound level meter and microphone, data management software, enclosure, calibrator, and battery power.

For applications where you’re measuring up to 48 hours, our RAECO Rents orange kit will serve your purpose. It includes a 22 amp-hour battery and attaches to a tripod (included in kit) for useon slanted or non-stable terrain.

For other continuous monitoring applications, the yellow 3M Quest kit will suit your needs. This case is large enough to hold two 42 amp-hour batteries, and can be wheeled into place. Due to its weight, this unit does not have a tripod attachment, and must be placed on a flat, stable surface for accurate use.

We have outdoor sound monitoring kits available to rent on a daily, weekly, or long-term basis for your noise study.

The RAECO Rents team has also created a video on how to set up the kits. Our specialist, David, walks you through each step of how to put the kit together:

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