How to Treat Water and Remove Arsenic


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Arsenic is a naturally occurring element from the earth’s crust. Around the world, many countries have groundwater that is steeped in arsenic. Until recently, governments haven’t realized just how bad arsenic was for people, even in minute concentrations. In 2001, the US Environmental Protection Agency felt it necessary to lower the drinking water arsenic standard from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion (ppb) after scientists presented evidence that low levels still correlated with cancer prevalence. However, even water with 10 ppb of arsenic has been linked to skin cancer and other types of cancer. One of the most common ways people are exposed to dangerous levels of arsenic is by drinking from untested wells on their own property. If you have arsenic in your water, installing arsenic water treatment systems could save your health and your life.

What Is Arsenic?

Arsenic is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Just like lead, it’s an element, with the chemical symbol of As, that can be found all over the world in soil in a pure form, or in combination with other elements. However, like lead, chromium, or many other chemicals, ingesting it can make people seriously ill immediately or have chronic health problems for many years. It’s not just drinking arsenic that can make you ill: you can also become sick when you ingest produce grown with arsenic-laced water or products from animals watered with contaminated water.

Many counties around the US have arsenic present in drinking water. In fact, many governments have taken it upon themselves to do more arsenic treatment in drinking water. But if you live in an area where the level is near 10 ppb or you have a well with an even higher concentration, you’ll need to take it upon yourself to have the water tested by professionals and consider getting treatment systems for your drinking and irrigation water.

Processes for Removing Arsenic

Companies like AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC, create packaged water treatment systems that filter out arsenic as well as iron, uranium, radium, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, nitrate, and many other chemicals. Depending on the amount of water that you use (if you use it for your home or are also looking to water crops and animals), you will want to choose different scales of systems.

These packaged and extensive systems work for removing arsenic from water by filtration, where components get stuck to or absorbed into filter materials. With a series of filters, smaller and smaller particles are trapped and then routed to a section of the filtration system where they can be removed and disposed. The system works by directing the water flow through pressure vessels containing the filter media at a rate that allows enough contact time for adsorption to occur, thus separating the arsenic from the water.

System Perks

When you’re looking for water treatment systems, some of the things that will help with your long-term water quality will be the rated removal of up to 99 percent total arsenic in water; the waste products can be removed easily; the system has low maintenance; and the costs are reasonable. With these boxes checked, you can be sure that your arsenic water treatment system will keep you safe.

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