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How to use the extrusion double roller granulator

Working principle of the double roller granulator: all kinds of dry powder materials are added from the top of the double roller granulator, and then enter into the opposite roller through degassing and screw top pressure. Under the great extrusion pressure of the double roller granulator, the materials will produce plastic deformation and be compressed into flakes. The flake materials will be crushed, granulated and screened to obtain granular products.

Sheet, strip and flat spherical materials can be obtained by changing the form of grooving on roller surface. The extrusion force of roller granulator can be adjusted by the pressure of hydraulic cylinder according to the needs of granulation operation.

The double roller granulator has many advantages compared with the traditional fertilizer granulation machine, among which the obvious advantage is extrusion once forming. The pelletizing rate of the double roller granulator is high. It can work as usual even in rainy days. The double roller granulator is the patented product of fertilizer granulation machinery. The principle of the extrusion granulator is to extrude powdery materials into particles of various shapes by roller extrusion.

The double roller granulator is suitable for dry granulation of various powder raw materials, and can produce granule products with different specifications and shapes according to the needs. At present, the roller granulator has been widely used in fertilizer, organic fertilizer granulation machine,  building materials, medicine, chemical industry, smelting, coal and other industrial sectors Granulation of powder materials.

Instructions for the use of the double roll granulator: the double roller granulator should be started without load. It is strictly forbidden to open with materials. It is strictly forbidden to enter the materials with materials to avoid breaking the roller shaft.

Yellow dry oil should be applied to the front gear of the pair roller granulator. The chain and sprocket of the double roller granulator should be smeared with yellow dry oil every 7 days. The bearing seat of the extrusion granulator should be beaten once every three months or replaced with new yellow dry oil. Before the use of the pair roller granulator, the gear oil must be added once before production. The gear oil should be changed every four months.