How to Utilize Water Efficiently with Rug Steamer?

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Outdated carpet wash systems use a lot of water for cleaning carpets, making their use difficult in commercial settings. Modern rug steam cleaner machines, on the other hand, with their advanced features and efficient water use, are able to eliminate many problems faced by older machines.

Low flow technology
When flow rates are low, the rug steam cleaner can be considered as water efficient. This machine can be used even in drought hit areas. A car wash owner would prefer a low flow rug steam cleaner, as car wash businesses face many restrictions on water use. If you want your carpet cleaning or car wash business to be environment-friendly, and then switch to a low flow rug steam cleaner.

Carpet wash systems that use minimal water also help save money. If you spend thousands of dollars every week on expensive water traps and transportation to water disposal facility, then you would understand the importance of a carpet steamer that uses less water.

Fast drying
People used to be hesitant to use a carpet wash system previously, as the carpet would take a whole day to dry after washing. An advanced carpet shampooer, however, faces no such difficulty. Contractors prefer these latest machines, as they use less water and are able to dry the carpet is nearly one to six hours, as compared to traditional carpet shampooer machines that took almost 24 hours.

A portable carpet cleaner has powerful vacuum extraction, which enables it to remove most moisture and dirt from carpets. Some portable carpet cleaner machines have a powerful 2-stage motor, which helps create high vacuum pressure. A lot of carpet cleaning machines may even have two motors for enhanced cleaning.

The major advantage of less drying time is that dry carpets do not encourage the growth of mold. Fast-drying carpets attract less dirt and can remain clean for longer periods. There are many kinds of bacteria that may find their home in damp carpets. Such bacteria may lead to many respiratory problems and may also pollute the air in the long term.

An advanced rug steam cleaner have some more benefits, which are as follows:

High temperature
A commercial carpet steam cleaner achieves temperature as high as 210ºF. These high temperatures melt grease, proteins, sugars, and other substances that form the bulk of food residue, dirt, and stains found on carpets. Not only do such carpet cleaning machines achieve high temperatures, they are able to heat water in just about 5 minutes. This increases the productivity levels.

Many carpet wash machines do not have the ability to heat water, however, they can use heated water to wash the carpets. This type of carpet cleaner systems are ideal for businesses where carpets are not very dirty or they do not need to be cleaned with hot water too frequently.

Other advantages of a commercial carpet steam cleaner are that this machine has a long hose, durable wand, and large solution and recovery tanks. These machines have long hoses, enabling operators to move around without carrying the carpet wash equipment with them.

An advanced rug steam cleaner eliminates most of the problems associated with traditional portable carpet cleaning systems and are therefore suitable for all kinds of commercial applications.


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