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How waste and recycling are separated at the French Open - Case Study


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Once again, the French Open (Roland-Garros) is setting new standards in sustainability and recycling! Over the past few years, the French Tennis Federation and Roland Garros have aimed to increase awareness of recycling and reduce waste with a system of waste separation. At the 2016 French Open (May 16-June 5, 2016), twenty-eight SmartPack Trash Compactors and Recycling Compactors are positioned side-by-side at Roland-Garros.

Recycling More, Wasting Less with SmartPack Trash Compactors

  • In 2014, 8 tons of waste were separated using a public waste separation system. Six SmartPack Automatic Trash Compactors were used in 2014 to compact waste.
  • In 2015, of the 428 tons of waste produced during the tournament, 119 tons were recycled. Twenty-four SmartPacks were used in pairs, one for general waste, and the other for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles.
  • There are 28 SmartPack Trash and Recycling compactor units at the 2016 French Open (Roland Garros), allowing spectators to reduce waste and recycle even more than previous years!  They also have three glass bottle shredders on site to help recycle the glass.

Reduction and Reuse of Waste are at the Heart of Roland-Garros

  • For the fifth year in a row, “Green teams” will be going around the stadium educating spectators about what to do in order to be environmentally responsible.
  • Reusable Ecocups have now replaced disposable drinks cups. They require a deposit and are offered to all spectators. In 2015, the Ecocups reduced the amount of cardboard required by the tournament by around 2 tons.
  • An organic waste management system has been a part of the renovation of some of the dining infrastructure of the French Open tournament.
  • Plus, the tournament has been running a campaign since 2010 to promote less polluting forms of transport such as carpooling, public transports, walking or cycling (Learn more about how the French Open is Going Green).

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. manufactures trash compactors and balers to help facilities and businesses worldwide reduce their waste and maximize their recycling. We are also extremely passionate about taking care of our Earth by taking small steps and making big plans.

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