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How Waste Data Transformed a US Textile Collector`s Operations


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Waste data is key when scaling and expanding a collection operation. In this newsletter, we interview Nick Calandra, COO for Hearts for the Homeless, a not-for-profit charitable organization, on how they use the Enevo solution to improve the collection of lightly used clothes in Buffalo, NY.

Enevo: How is your collection operation set up?

Nick Calandra: To collect clothing donations, we use outdoor recycling points across our community. At present, we have 400 of these sites equipped with Enevo sensors and two collection trucks that run daily routes. Before the Enevo system, our trucks had fixed routes for each day and we had a bi-weekly cycle. These collection routes were based on geography and manually recorded history of fill levels and we thought we were doing a good job.

Enevo: What got you interested in Enevo’s solution?

Nick Calandra: We used to average 35-40% fill rates prior to using Enevo and collected data manually, which worked at a small scale. As we grew, we needed a software tool to manage our collection network more efficiently, reduce our mileage and get more productivity out of our vehicles. If we were to double our collection points, for example, we couldn’t expect our staff to know the likely fill level of every container and adjust.

Enevo: What results have you achieved with the solution?

Nick Calandra: The fill level data has helped us create smarter routes,  increased our average fill levels at collection to 80% and reduced overfill. Now we’re collecting more per vehicle trip and only collecting from a site when we know it’s nearly full. It’s a much more efficient use of our trucks and collection team.

Enevo: How have your customers reacted to the solution?

Nick Calandra: Another welcome benefit for us in using Enevo is that when we speak to the owners of potential new collection locations, like local shops and businesses, they are impressed that we’re monitoring fill levels of containers with sensors. This is helping us expand our site base because they know they are going to get the best service available.

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