How will graphene revolutionize the 21st century?

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Science has never stopped bringing up the most unimaginable and astonishing news to the world. We will discuss something similar in this article. You may or may not have heard about graphene before. Although the concept and theoretical explanations of this substance appeared as early as 1940’s but, for many researchers, this all was very unrealistic.

It was very difficult to accept that something as thin as a single graphite layer or something which may be considered as two-dimensional can exist in reality. However, recent experiments and ongoing research has proved some unexpected facts about graphene. It not only exists as a stable element but it also has the most unusual properties. This makes it the strongest and the best conductor of heat and electricity ever discovered.

The amazing properties of graphene discovered up till now have convinced a large majority of scientists that this substance can give a completely new shape to the scientific and technological world. This especially applies to electronics, where we can find numerous possibilities emerging to turn the ‘dream’ gadgets into reality.

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