HRC Treats TNT at a DoD Site

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Site Summary

West Virginia Ordnance Works (WVOW) was a trinitrotoluene (TNT) manufacturing facility from 1942-1945 and used 12 TNT production lines. The production of TNT resulted in soil and groundwater contamination adjacent to the manufacturing building. The majority of the contamination was found within the shallow aquifer which consists of tight clays. Alternative options included insitu chemical oxidation with MNA and pump and treat. Enhanced bioremediation using HRC was chosen as a viable solution due to its cost-effectiveness to potentially treat an area in excess of 7
acres. A pilot test was implemented to determine the effectiveness at achieving cleanup goals, confirm the degradation of nitroaromatics into harmless by-products, determine degradation rates, and estimate the amount of electron donor needed for full site remediation.

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