HS-200 Lowering company costs and liability


Courtesy of Hydrosil International

A major printing company was experiencing difficulties with managing their wastewater treatment system due to a higly concentrated oily water influent. The grab samples performed by the local sanitary district exhibited high levels of BOD, COD and oil and grease levels in the discharge water.

The problem was traced back to their compressor condensate discharge. The company has 14 – 100 to 200 HP compressors that significantly contributed to their discharge limit violations during the high humidity summer months. The initial oil & grease test results taken directly from the compressor were 25% by volume. They were utilizing conventional oil/water separators with a small activated carbon polishing filter to phase separate the oily effluent. Upon analyzing the situation, they discovered that the oil was not phase separation because it was water soluble and mechanically emulsified. The activated carbon filter was also ineffective because of the solubility of the lubricating oil. An additional problem was also identified. The particulate filter prior to the activated carbon polishing filter was becoming fouled with bacterial and fungal growth causing the system to clog the overflow.

After inital testing and success with the HS-200 Condensate Remediation Pak, they chose to remove all the conventional oil/water separators and replace and replace them with the CCRP. The resulting oil & grease levels were consistently down to 5 PPM. They also chose to install the Paks with the additional compressors recently ordered at a savings of approximately $4500 each over the oil/water separators sold by the compressor company. The Paks had saved them approximately $500 each every quarter through labor savings, reduction in wastewater treatment costs, and elimination of discharge violations.

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