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HS-200 Used in natural gas production


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A unique and proven wastewater treatment system is being used at several natural gas compressor stations.

Oil leakage and spills when servicing compressors together with maintenance wash-down water, are being satisfactorily treated with oil removal systems. The systems usually consist of a wastewater holding tank with an oil drain off valve, a coalescing oil/water separator fitted with an oil skimming weir and a effluent holding tank, and two tertiary polishing filters.

The first filter is bedded with HS-200 media which has a very high affinity for oil and grease and other sparingly water soluble contaminants. The effluent from the first filter then flows through a granular activated carbon filter for addiction polishing.

Routine system maintenance is minimal and the filter media have provided excellent bed life, usually longer than one year. Hydrocarbon concentrations are in the low PPB to non-detect range, allowing for recirculation of the water if desired.

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