HSE training guidelines for the waste management and recycling industry


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This ‘good practice’ guidance was written in consultation with the Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum (WISH). It does not aim to be comprehensive but gives examples of good practice within the industry.
It is for managers and those organising training within the waste management and recycling industry.
This document sets out guidelines on the basic requirements for training in five key areas:
- slips, trips and falls;
- personal protective equipment;
- manual handling;
- workplace transport; and
- legislation and responsibilities.
Before any training is undertaken, the section General training requirements should be read and understood.
Trainers should be aware of the appropriate legislation and guidance relevant to the specific subject matter. All employees should be provided with adequate health and safety training when joining an organisation and when exposed to new or increased risks. There are also specific requirements for some sites licensed under the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994 that require staff at licensed waste management facilities to hold specific qualifications, eg Certificate of Technical Competence.

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