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Huckabay Ridge


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Location: Stephenville, TX
Online date: November 2006
Acquisition Date: November 2010

In 2010 Element Markets acquired the largest anaerobic digestion facility in North America through its wholly owned subsidiary EM Biogas. The Huckabay Ridge Anaerobic Digestion Project, located in a large dairy community in Stephenville, Texas, turns manure and substrate (glycerin, grease trap and other organic waste) into biomethane (methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide) and fertilizer through microbial co-digestion.

The substrate provides most of the carbon needed for biomethane production, while the manure provides pH, alkalinity and buffer capacity to maintain biological stability during the multi-stage digestion process. The facility has eight massive continuously stirred tank reactors, referred to as digesters, with a total working volume of 6,800,000 gallons.

Once digestion is complete, the resulting biomethane is piped to an onsite processing plant where carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water are removed. The end product is clean, high-quality renewable natural gas, which is piped to an intrastate pipeline where it is sold and delivered to a large California utility.

Huckabay Ridge currently processes about 12,500 tons of manure and 14,600,000 gallons of substrate per year – waste that would otherwise be dumped in unsustainable destinations such as landfills. Through sustainable use of the waste, the facility reduces greenhouse gas emissions, minimizes adverse impacts to local watersheds, and produces liquid and solid fertilizer to promote crop growth.

We pride ourselves on running a responsible operation and being respectful members of the Stephenville community. Huckabay Ridge employs more than a dozen people and supports more than two-dozen businesses in the area. We have also donated funds to local outreach causes.

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