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Humanitarian Kiosk Water Treatment- Haiti - Case Study


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A leading provider of safe drinking water to Haiti's under served communities through water kiosks had several water quality issues to deal with upon implementing their pilot program of 10 water kiosks. There was discussion of using surface water or deep well bore water, however, both were unsuitable for drinking water purposes due to microbiological and mineral contamination.


Genesis Water Technologies was engaged to consult with the client on the best solution for this challenge. An analysis was completed to choose the best water sources available in these communities with lower initial contamination levels. Once this was completed, a system solution was developed with water quality to exceed WHO drinking water standards. The systems were powered by renewable solar energy. The system solution included specialized pre-filtration, disinfection, and a GWT series scale prevention system followed by our GWT series reverse osmosis solution to reduce salts with post treatment re-mineralization and disinfection prior to water dispensing.


The systems were installed by a local contractor on site in various communities with technical and installation layout assistance provided by Genesis Water Technologies. The systems are performing within their operating parameters producing sustainable high quality drinking water to be sold the community residents through these kiosks. Plans are to expand this program to eventually include over 300 communities across this country.

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