Hurricane Cyclones: Steelmaking - White Slag Powder Recovery - Case Study


Courtesy of Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.

In 2010, Advanced Cyclone Systems was approached by a Spanish important steelmaking industry to recover white slag powder resulting from the molten steel and additives in the reinforcement bar production. The cyclone separation occurs after pneumatic transportation.

Case Description and Objectives
The objective of the company was to recover this powder on a dry basis and, at the same time, to save the bag filter, placed downstream from wear, considering the extreme abrasiveness of the particles. ACS proposed and installed a wear resistant Hurricane system.

The Median Volume Diameter (MVD) of the particles is close to 15 μm and efficiency was expected to be around 97 %.

Operating Conditions

  • Type of Powder White slag
  • Median Particle Size (µm) ≈ 15
  • True/Bulk Density (kg/m3) 3,270 / 1,730
  • Actual flowrate (m3/h) 158,500
  • Temperature (ºC) 165
  • Average load (g/m3) 375


  • Expected collection (%) > 97
  • Pressure drop (mm w. g.) 230

General Arrangement

  • The equipment is composed by 8 Hurricanes with ∅ 1750 mm installed in two batteries (see figure).
  • Each Hurricane was inner lined with 30 mm thick Densit wear protection lining.

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