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Hutuo River Comprehensive Improvement project - Case Study


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Hutuo River Comprehensive Improvement Project


Hebei Water Research Institute

Project partners

Province South-Holland and Dutch Sino Business Promotions



Objectives of the Hutuo River Comprehensive Improvement Project

Driving the Hutuo River Project is the demand for information in order for the Hebei province to enhance its ability to predict and prevent flooding and ensure safety. Although, governed many times, there is still no complete flood prevention system for the affected section of the Hutuo River. After completing this project the flood control standards of the Zhengding county will be enhanced significantly. Predicting and preventing minor floods that, based on historical data, happen once every fifty years and major floods that happen every hundred years will be easily done based on solid information.

The Hutuo river is a key element in the province’s ecological system and very important factor for the urban landscape. Since the 70s’ sections of Hutuo River have dried up and together with ground water level continuously dropping serious land desertification has become one of the primary causes of dust pollution. Improving these section of Hutuo River by constructing wetlands and restoring river ecosystems will play an important role in reviving the river. As the region is rapidly developing urban development was taken into account as a key factor this project.

Hutuo River

The project scope encompasses a piece of 70 kilometers of river and banks and is funded by a large government investment. The Hutuo River starts at the Huangbizhuang reservoir in the west of China and flows through the area between Gaocheng and Jinzhou on the east. The river has a main stream length of 588km of which 190km is in Shijiazhuang City and suroundings.

How did Eijkelkamp Soil & Water make the difference?

For this flood prediction and prevention system Eijkelkamp Soil & Water’s Technical Projects team installed 12 groundwater measuring points with Diver water level loggers (Micro-Divers and Cera-Divers) and Global Data Transmitters. All system data collected is being visualised in the Eijkelkamp Webportal.

Our Technical Projects team also gave a training to Chinese young water professionals about the equipment and management of the Eijkelkamp Webportal.

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