Hybrid for HazCom

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OSHA requires HazCom training for all employees who have the potential to be exposed to or work with hazardous materials. Comprehensive training is an effective tool for developing a knowledgeable, motivated and safety-conscious workforce. But delivering effective HazCom training-within budget and without unacceptable conflict with production priorities-is a challenge.

In the past, the main tool a manager has had in the HazCom training toolbox was traditional stand-and-deliver training--effective, yet often inconvenient and expensive. With the invention of interactive CD-ROMs and the Internet explosion, self-paced 'e-learning' was added to the toolbox, bringing the potential for great cost savings, but often handicapped by low employee motivation. Current trends in the training industry include a hybrid approach to training. This approach combines web-based training and live training into a single training tool. This 'hybrid training' or 'blended learning' offers the effectiveness of an on-site instructor while providing the flexibility and cost savings provided by web-based learning.

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