Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

HydraProbe used in Mars rover challenge by Manipal University in India


Courtesy of Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

UPDATE: The talented team of engineers ended up placing 7th overall out of 95 entries. Congratulations guys and gals! The original article continues below.

The University Rover Challenge has been held every summer in Utah by the Mars Society. It’s a competition open to universities worldwide that encourages students to develop skills in robotics, improve the state-of-the-art in rovers, and work in multi-disciplinary teams with collaboration between scientists and engineers. Students design and build their own version of a mars rover vehicle.

The competition includes various challenges such as the autonomous travel mission, equipment servicing mission, deliver mission and science mission, where must take sub-surface soil samples and analyze them for the likelihood to support microbial life including the geological context such as evidence of water flow.