Hydraulic modeling experience in consulting practice


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Comprehensive Hydraulic Modeling software applications in water and sanitation engineering consultancy practice are a must and are very much essential to simplify several single line or small tree distribution iteration processes used in the olden days.

Several Hydraulic models are available for Hydrology, water supply, storm water management and water shed management. For large area hydraulic applications, GIS based software’s are most versatile and can simulate several quality and quantity applications. But these software’s are costly and need skilled professional in GIS and mapping for their use and application.

WATERCAD is a very useful software for large applications in urban sanitation projects. This is not GIS based application. It is available in the market based on the size required. It is more expensive if the number of nodes is high. Different model sizes are available for purchase depending upon the application. It is only CAD based and does not need very extensive hardware for its application.

EPANET 2.0 and EPA SWMM ver 5 are best software applications available as free downloads and very versatile for reasonable size of representative area and application. They have inbuilt drawing modules and data input modules. The data as per the theory of hydraulics has to be supplied and all parametric data has to be provided to run the model successful. Any missing or incomplete or illogical data will make the run unsuccessful. Debugging will take some time to understand where the error has crept in.

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