Hydraulic Oil Spill on Roadway


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Fuel Oil Soaked Wood. Contact was made to our office in May/2007 regarding the wood base underneath an oil/kerosene furnace system which, upon removal, it was discovered that kerosene had leaked and was somewhat permeated, leaving an odor. With over-time saturation of the wood, we recommended multiple treatments. After use of our Terracap 3000/4000 kit, we received the following in a letter:

'I followed your instructions and applied Step 1, TERRACAP 3000 solution throughout the area with a thin liquid film. I used a brush and scrubbed the solution on the surface. As you indicated, some bubbles appeared and the odor disappeared. I actually waited around 10 minutes before I applied Step 2, TERRACAP 4000, and again applied a thin liquid film and scrubbed it onto the area using the brush. Silica formed. I cleaned up the area. I waited a day and went through the process again. At completion, I would say your product performed well with two applications. Question--I work for the Federal Government. Have you listed your product with the GSA schedule? I would think that there would be a demand for this throughout the government for hazmat type of cleanup. Thanks for the product - it has helped me to resolve my problem/challenge.'  Ted B., Maryland.

Hydraulic Oil Spill on Roadway. A large truck accidentally released 30+ gallons of hydraulic oil for approximately 125 yards. The roadway was slick and unsafe for use. TERRACAP 3000/4000 additives were applied to the spill areas taking about twenty minutes for the application. By the time the length of the spill was sprayed, the TERRACAP technology had encapsulated the hydraulic oil and was dry where the application began.

The resultant reside was swept with a Bobcat sweeper, resulting in approximately one-half of one 55 gallon barrel of waste. The environmental contractor estimated that 30 to 40 bags (40 lb bags) of clay absorbent would have normally been used resulting in seven to eight barrels of waste. The TERRACAP 3000/4000 additives remediated/encapsulated the hydraulic oil eliminating the street safety hazard and leaving no hydrocarbon odor.

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