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Hydro-Vortex implementation in ReadyMix’s concrete plant (Israel) Case study


Courtesy of Vortex Ecological Technologies Ltd.

ReadyMix concrete plant near Tel Aviv, Israel, was established in March 2000 to produce concrete. The plant includes a pre-mix facility for concrete production, supported by a concrete recycling system.


Environmental Restrictions:
The ReadyMix’s plant was built in major urban area with strict environmental restrictions on Air and Water pollution  for various operation reasons.  In addition, the use of sedimentation pools was prohibited. Israel is in a constant situation of industrial and fresh water shortage, therefore – concrete plants cannot clear  wastewater to the sewage system and are required to recycle sludge.


Soon after ReadyMix’s plant launched its operations and despite the use of a full concrete recycling system (made by Stetter GmbH),a  few major problems were recognized

  1. The amount of sediment left in the wastewater was higher than expected.
  2. The wastewater treatment system could not handle the actual amount of sediments.
  3. The cleaning system was frequently jammed and delayed the production process.
  4. The use of fresh water increased – a considerable increase in unexpected costs.
  5. Sludge was created at a faster rate then expected
  6. To clean the sludge, the process was constantly interrupted and halted for hours and days – causing the plant heavy costs and productivity loss. A traditional concrete recycling system could not address all the above problems effective

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