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Hydrocarbon BioremediationCleaning fuels & motor oil spills on water - Case Study


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Nanobite Products proved how effective they are in hydrocarbon bioremediation on water with the almost total remediation in one week of fuel spills from abandoned cars. Read on…

On March 30 2006, in Black Sod Bay in County Mayo, between 45 and 50 cars were transported from a neighbouring island destined for scrap. They were deposited at low tide on the shoreline to await transportation.

As soon as the tide came in, it became apparent that oil, diesel, petrol had begun to seep from the broken sumps and damaged tanks of the vehicles. A very visible oil sheen had appeared on the water, with blue green hydrocarbon clearly visible on the surface. The ebb and flow of the tide was spreading the hydrocarbon over an ever widening area.

A major local emergency ensued and many people were called upon to help with the cleanup operation.


  • Nanobite  technology was deployed on March 30 2006
  • 4 large booms were placed on the inside of larger traditional containment booms.
  • Due to metallic & synthetic  content of motor oil it was decided to use the larger crystal Nanobite Powder in treatment

The offshore wind carries the Nanobite Powder quickly to the intricate areas of the spill and begins to absorb and bioremediate the hydrocarbons.

Result – 95% Hydrocarbon Bioremediation in one week!

Within one week, by April 6,  95% of the spilled fuel has been eradicated and the beach is once again a place of beauty and life.

  • No damage to flora or fauna
  • 100% efficient
  • 100% effective
  • Saves time & money – apply once and leave it to do the work
  • Absorbs & degrades the oil v’s pads which simply wash away with the next tide or bad weather
  • No need for expensive spill disposal and storage at long term toxic oil dumps.

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