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Hydrocarbon in Water Monitors using Fluorescence


Hydrocarbon in Water Monitors using Fluorescence are capable of detecting hydrocarbons as low as 5 Parts per Billion and as high as 10,000 Parts per Million depending on the application.  Because only the target hydrocarbons will fluoresce, these monitors have no significant affect due to water turbidity (rust, dirt, gas bubbles, soot, etc.).  Fluorescence monitors provide a measurement that is linear with hydrocarbon concentration and is more accurate than the laboratory methods used to report hydrocarbon concentration in plant discharge water. 

 This technology is ideal for monitoring leaking lube oil, fuel oil #2 and #6, petroleum based hydraulic oil and Electro-hydraulic Control Fluid in storm water, cooling water, steam condensate loops and boiler feed water.  It will give the earliest warning of leaking heat exchangers of any technology available on the market.  This early warning has allowed plants to prevent excess hydrocarbons from entering boilers, being exposed to the atmosphere in cooling towers, and being discharged to the sewer or environment in waste water.  Data from recent studies will be presented to illustrate the detection levels of the technology.

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