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Hydrocarbon Removal Using Bioremediation with Porous Paving and Bio-swales


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Hydrocarbon Problem

Asphalt paving and emissions from vehicles generate an ongoing source of light hydrocarbon emissions, which can include numerous “anes” and “enes” along with aromatic hydrocarbons (the bulk of which evaporate into the atmosphere when spilled). Most of these materials can be toxic, and are regulated by concentration amounts contained within our public waterways and/or water tables, in order to protect our water supply.

Elimination of the source is not a valid option in our economy or culture, so we must find means to minimize the generation, or occurrence, of sources and volumes, and find ways to mitigate their impact when sources are found. Invisible Structures, Inc. promotes the use of porous paving, and bio-swales as a method of bioremediation to combat hydrocarbon pollutants at, or close to, the source.

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