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Hydrodynamic performance of retrofitted offshore structures using perforated cylinders

Direct impact caused by the waves on ocean structures can be efficiently reduced by encompassing the member with a perforated cover. One of the successful attempts to reduce wave forces on the damaged members is using perforated outer cover on a damaged member. Experimental investigations are carried out on perforated outer cylinder encompassing the inner cylinder for different perforation ratios under regular waves. The considered case showed a significant reduction in the wave force. This numerical study highlights the effect of annular spacing between the cylinders on the response reduction of inner cylinder. The effect of perforation on the variation of water particle kinematics along the water depth is clearly examined. The suggested technique is successful in demonstration of force reduction in the inner cylinder, which is seen as one of the effective methods of retrofitting of offshore structures.

Keywords: wave force, CFD, computational fluid dynamics, simulation, retrofitted offshore structures, perforated cylinders, hydrodynamic force, water particle kinematics, velocity, retrofitting, hydrodynamics, wave forces, ocean waves

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