HydroFLOW and Cooling Tower eliminating the need for chemical treatments case study


Courtesy of HydroFLOW USA

Misericordia Hospital – Alberta – 2011
In June, 2011 Misericordia Hospital began a three-month trial on two of the three cooling towers in its facility. The test compared the effectiveness of HydroFLOW in eliminating limescale and algae vs. standard chemical treatment. Standard chemical treatment was removed from Cooling Tower #3 and a P-160 HydroFLOW unit installed. Standard chemical treatment was continued on Cooling Tower #2 with no HydroFLOW protection.

Results of the three month trial period at Misericordia Hospital
Cooling Tower #3 – limescale and algae-free, 2 months after HydroFLOW treatment installed.

HydroFLOW installed, no chemical treatment, shows fins free from limescale and algae after the first two months.

Cooling Tower #2 with standard chemical treatment – showed a build-up of limescale and algae.

Standard chemical treatments continued during the three-month test period – no HydroFLOW protection.
Visible scale and algae build-up on the fins after the first two months of the trial period.

Impact of HydroFLOW installation on Misericordia Hospital
Cost Savings: Between $9,000 - $10,000/year was saved by eliminating the scale and corrosion inhibitors for cooling tower #3.

Return On Investment (ROI): Based on savings of $9,000/year and the price of a P-160 unit, ROI is 64.4%. This means the investment in HydroFLOW will yield a return of 64.4% every year

Payback Period: With an ROI of 64.4% the cost of the P160 unit is fully paid back in just over 18 months.

Additional Activities: Impressed with the trial results, Misericordia Hospital purchased additional HydroFLOW units for cooling towers #1 and #2 for the 2012 cooling season. They are committed to a nonchemical treatment program for the cooling towers. Additional HydroFLOW units have also been purchased for point of use in the laundry area and for steam ovens in the kitchen.

Environmental Impact of HydroFLOW: In addition to substantial cost savings, the Chief Engineer, Operations Facilities Management for the Misericordia Hospital states that he is most pleased his department was able to eliminate the release of hundreds of gallons of toxic chemicals into the city water system.

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