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Hydrogen Sulfide Continuous Emission Monitoring of Odor Control Systems


This paper discusses the use of the Sycamore Continuous Emissions Monitor (CEM) for monitoring Hydrogen Sulfide Gas concentrations within odor control systems. The CEM is configurable as a single, two or three point system and can measure from 5 ppb to 2 PPM, 0.1 – 20 PPM, and 0 – 200 PPM and is designed for monitoring of scrubbers, carbon adsorbers, biofilters and biotrickling filters. The CEM provides a measurement every ten minutes and provides a 4/20 milliAmp real-time signal representing the most recent measurement. The system components are located inside a temperature controlled NEMA cabinet. In warm climates, an optional air conditioning unit is available. The independent sampling systems pull the gas sample from each sampling point at a flow rate of two liters per minute to minimize lag time between sampling and measurement. The modular design of the sampling system allows for easy field repairs with minimal down time.The sensing mechanism used in the Sycamore CEM is the advanced OdaLog Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Logger®(s). The data is also stored in the OdaLog’s memory for later downloading via an IR transmitter to the OdaStat Software. The data can be analyzed using the OdaStat Software and/or exported to commercially available spreadsheet programs. The OdaLogs are rugged and reliable and are designed for nominal
maintenance. A calibration gas kit is available which allows for field calibrations in less than 15 minutes per sampling point.

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