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Hydrogeological assessment of pools in a Local Nature Reserve - Case Study


Courtesy of Groundwater Solutions Ltd.

  • Location: Staffordshire, UK
  • Sector: Wetlands
  • Client: Local Nature Reserve voluntary

A voluntary group working in unison with Stoke City Council, wanted to know what was causing the drying up of one of a series of historic pools in their Local Nature Reserve and if it could be remedied to ensure that the pool remained all year round. Groundwater Solutions advised the voluntary group that a hydrological assessment of the pools would be required to inform the proposed design of the modifications to the pool system.

A review of all existing data and information relating to the site was undertaken and a hydrogeological conceptual model was produced. The development of the site’s hydrogeological conceptual model highlighted the limited data availability for the site.

Recommendations were made to undertake monitoring at the site to include groundwater levels and surface water flows and levels.

The hydrogeological assessment concluded that undertaking modifications to the pool may have a detrimental effect on other nearby pools and water features. The assessment recommended that a more robust hydrogeological conceptual model with water balance were essential to inform the proposed design and works at the site to ensure the success of the works and to avoid impact on the pools and surrounding water features.

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