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Hydrometric Network Data Management


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A key part of HL's contract with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to install, operate and maintain a large network of telemetred reservoir level and compensation flow gauges, a suite of HL's software packages was also supplied to each of the three operational areas for managing time-series data and processing stage-discharge data into a long-term flow record archive.

HL's HydroLog4 and Gauger 2 packages enabled captured telemetry data to be processed to daily flow records quickly and efficiently with a minimum of user intervention.

Raw data was then transferred to DCWW's operational database on a daily basis immediately after daily capture with the final QC'd dataset delivered on a monthly basis after routine site maintenance visits.

The hydrometric network being maintained by HL now consists of over 100 sites of which 80 are telemetered using Isodaq outstations connected to either pressure sensors or shaft-encoders. Daily automated data acquisition is managed by two Isodaq FEP6 telemetry servers based at Bromyard and Stirling (as backup).

The Hydrolog4/Gauger2 suite provides a comprehensive solution for water resources information management, with the capacity to process data from thousands of sites including tipping-bucket raingauge recorders, borehole level loggers or water quality monitors.

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