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ICT and environmental awareness

This article examines the manifestations of the idea of a sustainable information society in everyday life and in laymen's attitudes. It seeks to answer the question of how people perceive the potential of a sustainable information society – how mobile phones and computers connect with environmental matters in people's minds. It is our contention that such a 'reality check' is necessary for the promotion of a sustainable information society. It is essential that the visions produced by experts are supplemented by information about the realistic or unrealistic potential in real life. The article is based on the results of an attitude survey and thematic interviews conducted in Finland. Finland is a country with a good international reputation, both as an information society and in sustainable development. The results show that Finns are largely uncertain about the ecological sustainability of an information society. People recognise that the information society has its own environmental problems.

Keywords: sustainable development, sustainable information society, environmental awareness, ecological sustainability, ICT, information technology, communications, mobile phones, computers, Finland

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