Idaho State University streamlines compliance, develops preventative maintenance program


Courtesy of IHS Markit

While conducting a study of refrigerant equipment and maintenance practices, a facilities management team at Idaho State University (ISU) discovered that the institution lacked an efficient process to gather critical data such as computing leak rates or obtain records regarding refrigerant equipment maintenance history.

In addition, the team recognized the need for guidelines and directions to develop and implement a refrigerant compliance program, and gain a better understanding of emissions and compliance codes.

The ISU Facilities Services Department is responsible for operations and maintenance of all mechanical equipment using refrigerants. Though staff conducted regular maintenance on its equipment, there was no easy method to compute leak rates or maintain an equipment maintenance history. The team also cited the need for centralized data storage.

After an extensive evaluation process, ISU's management team decided to deploy ESS' Compliance Suite™ Refrigerant Compliance Management Software for more efficient data processing.

Refrigerant Compliance Management Software enabled the team to build a central repository that generated easily accessible reports regarding equipment and maintenance reports. HVAC technicians collected data on 42 major equipment units, and all service orders, purchasing records and cylinder information were entered into the system.

Team members also enrolled in ESS training courses to help them become familiar with EPA's National Recycling and Emission Reduction regulations.

'We are thankful that ESS software and training have provided us with the knowledge to streamline our refrigerant management system,' said Syed Hashim, an ISU environmental specialist. 'Fixing leaks of greenhouse gases and timely preventive maintenance has helped the university prevent pollution. At the end of the day, it is good to know that the university's actions are benefiting our community and that we are being good stewards by protecting our precious environment.'

Within six months of Compliance Suite's deployment, the system was efficiently processing data and generating new reports containing more detailed information, including equipment leak rates, equipment reports, and maintenance history. Those reports helped the team prevent service failures by identifying equipment that needed to be repaired or replaced. During the following year, efficiencies gained through the use of Compliance Suite enabled the ISU team to launch an annual preventive maintenance program, Hashim said

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