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Identification of some properties of a rattan (Daemonorops jenkinsiana)

In the north–eastern and south–eastern regions of Bangladesh, rattan (or cane) of different types are available in abundance. Among them 'Golla bet' (Daemonorops jenkinsiana) is one of the strongest rattans. In this paper an attempt is made to understand the tensile strength of this rattan. Also, tests were carried out to identify its behaviour as a reinforcing material in a concrete beam. All the rattan samples used in this study were collected from plants which were more than three years old. These samples were used to find the ultimate tensile strength (UTS), yield strength (YS) and modulus of elasticity p(MoE). Also, a pull–out test was performed to give an idea about the bond strength of this rattan with concrete. Here three types of specimens were prepared to investigate the relative performance. Each type included two specimens. A pull out test of steel was made to compare with rattan. Comparisons between the unit weight, strength and cost were also made. Finally, a Golla reinforced concrete beam was made to physically understand the contribution of Golla as flexural reinforcement. From the result of laboratory work it was seen that Golla bet offered prospective data which can be utilised as the preliminary reference for more work in the future related to this field.

Keywords: reinforcing materials, concrete beams, bond strength, pull–out tests, rattan, cane, tension testing, Bangladesh, Daemonorops jenkinsiana, tensile strength, reinforced concrete, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, flexural reinforcement

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