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Identifying requirements for the management of medical information technology

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The management of any information technology system involves the management of social values which are mediated through the system by stakeholders via resources. Nowhere is this more critical than in the medical sector. Evidence has shown us that the ability to identify correctly the social values, the stakeholders which mediate the social values, and the resources which act as tokens for the social values, is vital in determining the success or failure of the system. Various medical information system failures can be directly attributed to the incorrect identification of stakeholders, and the encapsulation of incorrect social values. Consequently, in order to build a manageable medical information technology system, we need to identify requirements associated with: a) the social values that the information system will be required to mediate, b) the stakeholders who will perform the mediation, and c) the resources that are required by the mediation process. In this paper, I will show how, through the application of a scenario modelling technique, we can identify these requirements.

Keywords: scenario modelling, enterprise modelling, business process re-engineering, medical informatics, management of medical informatics

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