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If a tree falls: business students' reflections on environmentalism

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Environmental advocacy has a difficult position within environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD). Proponents of pluralistic approaches to education see advocacy as a form of indoctrination. However, pluralistic education itself can be seen as a form of indoctrination. Its normative assumptions are based on the neo–liberal capitalist values that tend to view environmentalism as a threat to the established norms. In this paper I will argue that environmental advocacy is in fact essential for educating critical citizens capable of addressing sustainability challenges. This argument will be supported by the written reports on the documentary film about the radical environmental movement presented to the students of International Business Management Studies (IBMS) of The Hague University of Applied Science (HHS). This case study will provide an example of how environmental advocacy and the objective of pluralistic education can be reconciled and explore the advantages of combining business education with education for deep ecology.

Keywords: deep ecology, ecological education, EfSD, education for sustainable development, environmental advocacy, environmental education, pluralism, sustainability, radical environmental movement, business students, business education, international business management, pluralistic education

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