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If it doesn’t exist, then we will create it


Our customer wanted a multi-chambered cat cremation unit.  Our designers said … OK!

Very often the product that a customer requires simply doesn’t exist.  It could be a groundbreaking idea that they have had, or a novel concept that they want to incorporate into their business.  Usually ideas such as these are totally innovative and nothing quite like them is readily available.  At Matthews Environmental Solutions however, thanks to our unique history, experience and expertise, if it can be designed we will design it and if it can be built then we will build it.  Even if what our customer requests simply isn’t practical then we have the ability and capability to develop and refine the original raw concept into a fully-functional, fully compliant and efficient working unit.

Very recently this was exactly the situation that arose when a business operating within the animal cremation sector came to us with their idea for a multi-chambered cat cremation unit.  What this customer envisaged was totally unique and nothing that matched their specifications was available in any standard ranges.

It was a challenge that was eagerly seized on by our design team.

What they came up with was a configuration of six separate ‘cat-sized’ tubular chambers set around a central secondary chamber.  Each individual cat cremation chamber was lined with a castable refractory and ceramic insulation fleece to maximise the efficiency of the cremation process.  Each chamber was also fitted with its own independent burner for optimum fuel economy and each chamber was also complete with its own door, seals and clamps.

This novel cat cremation chamber assembly enables the customer to utilise just one, a few or as many of the chambers as required at any one time.  It also enables them to provide a customer-sensitive service that allows the bereaved cat owner to reclaim the ashes of their beloved pet.

The strategically sited secondary chamber linked to the cat cremation system effectively removes any contaminants from the exhaust gases.  If required at a future date, it has been designed so that it can be easily connected to a second cat cremation unit.

When they were presented with the technical designs our customer was overjoyed at just how effectively we had accommodated all their requirements.

We have since manufactured this bespoke cat cremation unit and are currently putting the final touches to its construction and finish before it will be fully assembled and test-fired, prior to undergoing proving trials and certification ready for delivery and installation at our customer’s per crematorium.

If you have an idea for an incineration or cremation product that isn’t readily available then please speak to us.  No one is better qualified or better placed to provide all the technical design solutions and the engineering qualities you are looking for.  You can call us on +44 (0)161 337 4488. You can also email us at: or you can always send us an online message using the form that can be found on our Contact Us page.

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