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Illustrating our best solutions - Case study


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Sierra CP can help you design, build or upgrade your next world class engine and vehicle test facility.  Our working style is one of teamwork, innovation, flexible solutions and challenging the status quo in all that we do.  Your facility must reflect your brand to the highest level in look and feel and back it up with excellent testing performance.  Our experience covers the complete scope of automotive test applications including engine, vehicle, powertrain, transmission, emissions and component testing. We also offer our proprietary Cadet Automotive Software to comprehensively manage the hardware and data collection in your test cell. Watch Video.

In addition to the performance of your facility, Sierra CP is acutely aware that after sales support is critical to the operation of your facility. To assist our worldwide client base, Sierra CP has technical support locations worldwide to ensure fast service and rapid spares support. Email our consulting team to get started. 

Facility Upgrade or New Design/Build- Working with you to help you achieve your goal.

  • We work with you. Our working style- teamwork, innovation, and flexible solutions
  • Over 30 years of  proven experience with test, design, and building engine and vehicle test facilities
  • Flexible approach to meeting your testing needs at the level you require
  • We offer both test cell consulting and test products
  • On time delivery of projects- upgrade or new
A Team of Experts

Each custom test facility project is assigned a dedicated project manager, lead engineer and local on-site technical support.

Our engineering team has unique expertise in analysis of fluid processes, engine conditioning, emissions and analytical, uncertainty analysis, in-cylinder measurement applications, test equipment design and fabrication, test automation and control, data acquisition, programming and data management.

We handle certifications and audits and we are knowledgeable about regulations for both on and off highway vehicle applications.

Designing and Building Complex, Custom, Integrated Facilities

Engine and vehicle test cells are complex systems. A strong development plan starts with:

  • A suitable physical space and location
  • Clear understanding of the exact data that must be delivered on an accurate and repeatable basis

From mechanical layout, controls and software to dynamometers and peripheral equipment, Sierra CP can handle every facet of your project with a combination of process knowledge, subject matter expertise and integration experience that makes our services uniquely valuable.

Carefully thought out engine or vehicle movement and linkage with integrated custom test cell equipment is important from a test and data quality standpoint, as well as the efficient operation, maintenance, and future flexibility of the test facility.

Our In-Cell Equipment Advantage:

We are truly unique in that we own the vast majority of our technology IP ranging from test automation software and hardware to engine conditioning, fuel metering, emissions and analytical equipment.  In many cases, our customers are pushing the edge of innovation with their engine or vehicle R&D.  Since we own all of our equipment, change is easy and cost effective. We regularly improve, innovate, resize or upgrade our test equipment as well as our CADET automation software to meet changing customer needs.

Typical Project Scope:

Sierra CP offers comprehensive in-house design, fabrication, integration, commissioning, preventative and ongoing maintenance and support services. Our highly trained specialty groups work to ensure every project aspect runs smoothly.  We monitor and managing every aspect of each project scope, such as:

  • Working with you to clarify goals and budgets
  • Structural design & construction
  • Project & site management (under CDM)
  • Subcontract vendors
  • Streamline team communication
  • Supply test equipment & automation products
  • Supply mechanical and electric infrastructure
  • Integration of  3rd party instrumentation as needed
Efficient Working Environments:

An engine and vehicle test facility is a serious working environment that requires overall ease of use, superior logistics, and the efficiency to produce the highest level of test data quality day in and day out with great repeatability.  Experience tells us how to translate customer process requirements for health and safety, working environments, acoustic background levels, lighting levels, and flexibility into the appropriate means, methods, and materials of space design and construction.

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