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IMACLIM-R: a modelling framework to simulate sustainable development pathways

To assess the sustainability of future development pathways requires models to compute long-run Economy?Energy?Environment scenarios. This paper presents the IMACLIM-R framework, aimed at investigating climate, energy and development inter-related issues. The model was built in an attempt to address three methodological challenges: to incoporate knowledge from economics and engineering sciences, to support the dialogue with and between stakeholders, to produce scenarios with a strong consistency, concerning especially the interplay between development patterns, technology and growth. These goals led to the development of a recursive structure articulating a static general equilibrium framework, including innovative features and sector-specific dynamic modules now concerning energy, transportation and industry. This paper provides the general rationale of the model and the description of all its components.

Keywords: hybrid modelling, long-run scenarios, energy, climate, environment, sustainability, sustainable development, development pathways, economics, engineering, transportation, energy?economy?environment modelling

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