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IML application on plastic chair


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Now in mold labeling is well applied in the lots of plastic parts, like the pails, automotive parts, thin wall container, chair…etc. Now this article is mainly talking about the IML application of the chair.

IML application key point is mainly including the below points:

Basically the chair IML application is much easier than the pail IML solution, since the chair iml area usually is small and flat, but the pails IML area is the entire body, and round or square, so it’s very important to choose high quality label.

The IML area design, it’s important the customer should mention the area in advance before the mold design, so normally, we will mark this area on the product design for customer approval to avoid any mistake. Usually, the chair label area is on the backup set area. This part on the mold will be usually made by interchangeable insert, so it’s very important to pay attention the area will be no bigger than the inserts outline. Otherwise it is difficult to make the label flat and safely on the chair for long time.

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