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IML labels raw material


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Normally, IML labels raw material is PP,PE or PP and PE mixed co-polymer. Labels have three layers.The first layer is optimum seal layer, second is main layer,the third is hot melt glue layer. 

IML labels must have good venting function, When it fusing with plastic part,venting will impact production surface.In addition, it should be for electrostatic treating after printing, otherwise it will affect in mold labeling quality.
Now I introduce three methods for electrostatic treating:
1.Chemical elimination method:
coat anti-electrostatic agent on the surface of IML labels. but chemical elimination method has bad effect, it may be bad for labels quality,such as strong,adhesive quality.This method is not suggest to used.
2.Physics elimination method: 
under to condition that keep IML label raw material nature, using electrostatic itself character to eliminate the electrostatic,This method is commonly used in industrial production.
3.Humidity control elimination method: 
IML labels surface electric resistance will be reduce when air humidity increasing.the good printing workshop condition:temperature is 20 degree,relative humidity is more than 70 degree.
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