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Impact evaluation of creative city policies


This paper concerns situations similar to the ones occurring in the city of Naples, which result in a continuous degradation that destroys resources and detracts from their future usability. The main difficulties are to be found in terms of organisational and managerial skills in integrated project planning. Besides, the sustainable development, at any territorial scale, is made not only of 'projects' but, mainly of 'policies' defining a long term strategy. Consequently, the main problem is not estimating the single 'creative' project but elaborating and estimating policies that stimulate the contents of creativity in order to support development. This paper first underlines the inefficiency causes of present regulation system. Then, we verify the contribution that evaluation procedures can give. In particular, we analyse two instruments, useful tools to overcome management constraints: the use of a methodological support to achieve the best financial resource allocation between the sectors involved and an organisation that simplifies and accelerates decision-making procedures to facilitate private participation.

Keywords: territorial development, impact evaluation, multi-objective analysis, creative city policies, sustainability indicators, regulation systems, management constraints, sustainable development, creative cities, Naples, Italy, integrated project planning, financial resource allocation, decision-making, private participation, urban management

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