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Impact Rock Crusher—Ideal Aggregates Making Machine


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Impact crusher can crush aggregates with excellent granularity because of flexible and variable adjustment methods, making the diameter of final aggregates that can be produced reach 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-15mm.In addition, people are all inclined to purchasing an impact rock crusher because it can reduce various aggregates to beautiful particle size and little needle content.

What is the ideal aggregate?

As the most important material in concrete use, aggregate is used for concrete framework building. Aggregate can also provide good stability and durability for buildings, can play a role in reducing shrinkage, inhibiting crack growth, transferring force, reducing hydration heat, and providing abrasion resistance.

Aggregate is a very important raw material in construction, so what is the ideal aggregate? The ideal aggregate generally has the following requirements:

  1. It has sufficient strength and sturdiness to ensure the role of skeleton force transmission.
  2. Contains few impurities and must not affect the components of cement hardening and durability of later-stage concrete;
  3. It has a good particle gradation so that the stacking porosity is small compared with the surface to reduce the amount of cement slurry;

Ordinary aggregates are not processed or are unsatisfactory because the particle size is uneven, and there are many impurity powders. Therefore, the market price of the ordinary is very low and it is difficult to obtain profits from them. The high-quality aggregate is processed by a rock crusher, which has a uniform particle size, a low powder passing rate, and an excellent grain type. The market value in different countries is very high, so manufacturers can obtain high profits. Therefore, people prefer to invest in high-quality aggregate.

Three Performance Advantages of the Impact Crusher

Why can the impact crusher produce ideal aggregates? First, the aggregate produced by the impact crusher has excellent grain shape, mostly cubes, which is extremely beneficial to the increase of the compressive strength and elastic modulus of the concrete, so the aggregate produced by the impact rock crusher has sufficient strength.
Meanwhile, the final aggregate with needle content reduces the viscosity of the concrete mixture and enhances its fluidity and durability. Secondly, it is easy to adjust the impact rock crusher to achieve good particle gradation. In addition, it can handle materials with different characteristics to meet different customer needs.

Impact Rock Crusher—Ideal Aggregates Making Machine


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