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Impacts of onsite greywater reuse on wastewater systems


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Together with significant water savings that onsite greywater reuse (GWR) may provide, it may also affect the performance of urban sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). In order to examine these effects, an integrated stochastic simulation system for GWR in urban areas was developed. The model includes stochastic generators of domestic wastewater streams and gross solids (GSs), a sewer network model which includes hydrodynamic simulation and a GS transport module, and a dynamic process model of the WWTP. The developed model was applied to a case study site in Israel. For the validation of the sewer simulator, field experiments in a real sewer segment were conducted. The paper presents the integration and implementation of these modules and depicts the results of the effects of various GWR scenarios on GS movement in sewers and on the performance of the WWTP.

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